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Vanilla 1.13.2 Minecraft Server on Raspberry Pi3

Building a full Linux vanilla server? See the Linux server install documentation.
Building a full Linux modded server? See the Modded Linux server install documentation.

Minecraft Server Version: 1.13.2
Oracle Java Version: 8u201
Audience: Advanced Users. For Testing Only.

Installing Version 1.13.2 on Raspberry Pi

This page is an update on how you could go about installing server version 1.13.2 on a Raspberry Pi3.

It is possible to get it going but it will not run very well. I have also found it impossible to do all of the steps on the Pi3 itself. When pre-generating the chuncks with worldborder I needed to do it on a faster system and then just move the whole world to the Pi3.

These were my steps for those who have enough familiarity with building Minecraft Servers. These are not step by step instructions. If you insist on using a Pi for a playable Minecraft world please use the instructions for 1.12.2.

The following are the steps required;

  • Minimum version of Raspberry Pi is a Pi3
  • World build should be created on a faster computer running Linux or Windows.
  • Latest version of Java
  • Download the latest PaperMC server world and create the world as you normally would.
  • Download and copy the Worldborder Plugin to the plugins folder. (Spigot plugins are compatible).
  • Start the world with the following java parameters java -Xms2048M -Xmx4096M
  • In the console define a 1000 block worldborder wb world set 1000 spawn
  • Fill the chunks wb world fill 1000
  • Confirm the chuncks to start the process wb fill confirm
  • This last step will start pregenerating the chunks and will take some time, even on a fast system. This step was failing when doing it on the Pi due to the low amount of RAM.

  • When complete transfer the generated world to the Pi and start with the following java parameters java -Xms512M -Xmx1008M
  • This should allow you to enter the world and play 1.13.2 on a Pi3 but it will run badly. Do this for the fun of testing builds and pushing the Pi3 to its limit. But for any serious world you should probably use a dedicated VPS which will have a better CPU.

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    Your feedback or results are appreciated.



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